Nothing can replace your own teeth
… apart from implants!

Dental implants at our clinic in Munich Bogenhausen

When one or more teeth are missing, implant-supported dentures are the perfect alternative as they avoid the need to file healthy adjacent teeth, e.g. when inserting a dental bridge. They also represent an ideal solution when all teeth are missing, as they are fixed rather than removable dentures.

Implants are inserted in the jaw bone in place of missing teeth. Once healed, they are just as firmly implanted as natural teeth. The implants’ special surface coating promotes post-operative implant healing in the bone. In our clinic we use a range of implant models and systems depending on the indication, i.e. we take into consideration the individual condition and requirements of each patient, and the space available in the jaw, to decide which patients should be given artificial dental roots. We only use implants produced by reputable manufacturers that can demonstrate many years of scientific research and documentation.

Implants replace the lost dental root. The custom-made artificial teeth, be they crowns, bridges or prostheses, are then fixed onto the implants. Implant-borne crowns and bridges are normally manufactured using metal-free, full-ceramic materials that are similar to natural teeth in terms of shape and colour. As a result, our patients can enjoy implants that are, both practically and optically, indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Image source: Astra Tech Dental