Snoring Therapy

Snoring Therapy
Problem snoring

Many relationships suffer due to the nightly snoring of one of the partners. Through the slacking of the jaw toward the back, breathing is impeded. The uvula flaps during breathing and causes the snoring sound.

Snore Guards

Irritating snoring and light to middle degree of sleep apnea can be alleviated through a retainer-like anti-snoring appliance. They are called protrusion retainers or snore guards. Special contact elements between upper and lower retainer allow these apparatuses to be set so that lower jaw, tongue and uvula are kept toward the front during sleep. This way the throat is kept wide open and the slack throat muscles are stabilized, giving the lungs enough air to saturate the blood with oxygen.


picture: ‘TAP Schiene’. provided by / copyright: : Fa. Scheu Dental

In cooperation with sleep therapists, we can fit you with the appropriate appliance so that the alarmed wake-up reaction can be eliminated and you and your partner can sleep more peacefully and restfully.

Costs/ Insurance Coverage

There are many different versions of anti-snoring splints.
After examination of your individual intraoral situation, we choose the apropriate device which is suitable for your dentition.

Some insurances ( legal and private )do cover the treatment.
Certainley we will assist you with the application at your insurance.