Master Laboratory

master laboratory
Tooth replacement is a personal product and is custom made for you. As the patient you should receive the best care in respect to quality, aesthetics and health.

Our technicians are an active part of our treatment

Your individual concerns related to materials used or the desired color and shape of the tooth replacement can be discussed in depth in a consultation appointment.

It is most important that communication between doctor and patient includes the dental technician. The technician, who actually creates the replacement teeth plays a very important part in the end result.

master laboratory in Munich
It is a huge advantage that we have our own master dental laboratory equipped with the most modern technology. We use predominately German-made, quality materials and make our dentures with CAD/CAM equipment. It is our goal to produce dentures that mimic nature in shape and transparency.
Our technicians make your wishes come true

Our three experienced technicians, specialized in full ceramic restorations, are at your disposal, helping to make your wish for a radiant smile come true.