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Dentures are a very personal product and we make them individually for you. As a patient, you should make sure that you receive the best quality, aesthetic and health care for your situation.

We actively involve our dental technicians in the treatment

The best way to determine your individual wishes, for example in relation to the material to be used or the color and shape of the denture that you prefer, is in a detailed consultation.

It is important that communication between you and your dentist is also conveyed through timely involvement of the dental technician. Because the dental technician who takes over the manufacturing in the laboratory has a very important part in the end result.

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It is an advantage that we have a dental laboratory in our practice that is equipped with the most modern equipment. We generally only use high-quality materials made in Germany and produce our dentures with CAD / CAM-supported systems. Our goal is to match your dentures to the shape and transparency of natural teeth.

Our dental technicians realize your wish

Three experienced dental technicians who specialize in all-ceramic restorations are at your disposal to realize your wish for a radiant smile.