Prosthetic Reconstruction

Prosthetic Reconstruction
Prosthetic reconstruction can apply to single teeth, jaw segments or the complete chewing apparatus. If a tooth has a defect that has gotten too large or if a few or all of the teeth have been lost, the chewing apparatus can be reconstructed with the appropriate measures. The head of our dental laboratory, Herr Schaal, Master Craftsman, oversees the production of the prosthetics in our own dental laboratory.

Gold or ceramic Inlays

For a long time gold inlays represented the highest standard for the restoration of molar defects. However, this standard has been complemented by pressed ceramic inlays, giving the restored teeth a more natural look. After pre-treatment of the tooth, this ceramic inlay is fixed to the tooth by a light hardening technique. The method of choice for you can be determined in a personal consultation appointment.


The highly developed modern ceramic materials have made it possible to reconstruct front teeth without any concessions to nature. This is especially true for a special technique where the teeth are covered by a thin sheath of ceramic material. This allows for an optimal fashioning of the teeth in shape and color. Even minor misalignments can be corrected. The greatest advantage of this technique is that the material has a transparency enabling a natural formerly not thought possible. Ugly crown rims and dark red gums are a thing of the past. Just ask us, we will gladly show you examples.

Crowns and Bridges

We offer the entire spectrum of conventional tooth reconstruction and replacement in our practice. This includes crowns and bridges, as well as removable prosthetics, if it cannot be avoided through root implantation. Besides these time-tested methods, we increasingly promote non-metallic tooth replacement. Thanks to various modern techniques such as zirconium, press………..defective teeth can be fully reconstructed and gaps can be made invisible. We will be happy to advise you and create a treatment plan for the optimal solution for you.