What are the advantages of implants?

Secure hold for the “third” teeth is certainly the most impressive success for implantation. Even if there are very few original teeth left, permanent tooth replacement can be achieved that meets the high standards of aesthetics and functionality. Implants give one the feeling of having permanent teeth again. You can bite and chew all foods, speak, kiss, smile happily…in short: enjoy life fully again! Another major advantage is that implants help prevent further bone loss. Often implantation is the only possibility left for permanent tooth replacement without sacrificing health tooth substance. For example, very often healthy teeth are next to a gap. These no longer need to be sacrificed in order to create a permanent replacement for the missing tooth.

The most important advantages of implant supported single crowns and bridges compared to removable tooth replacements are:

  • No removable prostheses
  • Avoiding sacrificing healthy tooth substance in neighboring teeth
  • Prevent further bone loss
  • Optimal fixation, function and aesthetics
  • Enormous psychological security