Aesthetic Dentistry

The condition of our teeth influences our health as well as our self-esteem and zest for life. The more appealing, whiter and healthier our teeth are, the better we feel. Professional success and a satisfying private life are often in conjunction with our teeth. A beautiful and healthy smile is attractive. A naturally pretty smile is the guarantee of aesthetic dentistry. Whether it is a crown, fillings or receding gums, etc. – there are many highly developed techniques to optimize your teeth using nature as a model.

Bleaching/Lightening of teeth

Often the optimal aesthetic of the teeth is hindered by discolorations that can be removed by a professional cleaning. In the case of more deeply seated discolorations there are various bleaching methods to lighten the natural tint of teeth. Furthermore, stains that have accumulated in the course of time in the upper layers of the enamel (i.e. nicotine, caffeine) can bedissolved out of the outer surface. No damage is done to the teeth. Occasionally hot and cold sensitivity can occur thereafter but these are temporary. Fluoride rinses and gels reduce these sensitivities.


Veneers are thin ceramic sidings that can be affixed to the front teeth. To ensure attachment special adhesives have been developed. Veneers make it possible to hide discolorations, slight alignment imperfections, large gaps or small teeth as long as there is enough intact tooth substance.

By using the best materials presently available veneers stand out for their excellent aesthetic appeal, durability and bio-tolerance. Veneers can barely be distinguished from natural teeth and can be adapted to special patient needs.

Tooth-colored Composite Fillings

The state of modern dental research has made it possible to take advantage of innovative and high-quality filling materials. These sophisticated materials enable individualized adaptation to your personal needs.

The tooth substance to be replaced can be substituted in color such that you will not see the difference. However, tooth-colored fillings that are placed directly on the tooth are usually used only in the front teeth due to the extreme chewing forces and considerable abrasion in the posterior area of the mouth.c
Ask us, we will be glad to show you examples and advise you on which method is the best for you!