What makes teeth look pretty and appealing? There are many elements that make a smile attractive:

Tooth color

Discolored or yellowed teeth can be lightened by bleaching. Approximately three shades can be achieved. If there are dark or discolored fillings, they can be replaced by new, indiscernible composite fillings with excellent color fastness. Veneers or laminates are the method of choice if there are large unsightly fillings. In this case the teeth need only be prepared minimally and receive a very thin ceramic covering. Lumineers are thin ceramic coverings that do not require removing any tooth substance.

Tooth position

Rotation, gaps or crowding does not always require complete orthodontic treatment to correct. An almost invisible retainer can correct these problems in many cases within a few months.

Exposed roots and gum recession

The natural harmony between ‘red and white’ – gums and teeth – create a natural and youthful appearance. Single elongated teeth, if the gum line is irregular, are a disturbing sight. As we get older the gums tend to recede making the teeth seem longer. Plastic surgery can eliminate this problem and cover the roots with gum tissue that will regenerate. The gum line returns to its natural look once again.

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